Progress on my new book – The Guardian

People who enjoyed The Duke of Morrison Street have been harassing me for some time to finish my sequel. I am two thirds through the first draft and my working name for it is The Guardian. I am writing this post as a way of spurring me on to finish it.

I was at a poetry reading and presentation yesterday by David Whyte. I was there because Cheri, my wife, asked me to go. At one point in the presentation Mr. Whyte made us turn to a neighbor in the crowd and discuss why we were there. I  ended up talking to a young woman who was working on her first book but was troubled with writers block. I said, as I often have, that what helped me was realizing that writing was done with my fingers, not my mind of my imagination. If my fingers are not on the keyboard, I am not writing.

Now I need to take a little of my own advice and get the fingers on the keyboard for the sequel to the Duke of Morrison Street.