Books by Orrin Onken

Orrin Onken has written three works of fiction. His novels are The Holders of Helmut Street, The Duke of Morrison Street  and Malady Manor.

In The Holders of Helmut Street, the struggling lawyer, Leopold Larson returns to the pages. He is a little older and a little wiser after the events described in The Duke of Morrison Street. Into Leo’s life comes the aging Ben Holder holder and his four failure-to-thrive children. Ben is slowly disappearing into the fog of age-related dementia. As he comes to know the family, he must stay sober and protect Ben from the well-intentioned grasp of a court system intent on protecting him to death. With the help of his legal assitant, Peggi, and the hinderance of his outside-the-box AA group, Leo must save his client, make sense of a family, and maybe even solve a murder.

The Duke of Morrison Street is the first of the Leopold Larson books. It is a detective story featuring the alcoholic and sometimes recovering lawyer, Leopold Larson, as he tries to avoid disbarment and stumbles into corruption at the highest levels of the Portland legal community. His client is the buxom and dangerous hot dog vendor, Daisy Twill. His assistants are the members of the toughest and craziest AA group in the city. It is a rollicking ride through the recovery and legal communities in the great Northwest.

Malady Manor is one man’s grumpy trip through drug an alcohol treatment as it existed in the the eighties. Against his better judgment the narrator is probed and prodded toward sobriety. If you have ever gone through addiction treatment you will recognize the characters. The book is comedy with an edge  that will touch the heart of anyone who has gone through or lives with someone who has gone through addiction treatment.