A Free Will for Oregonians in the Time of Social Distancing

A public service from Orrin Onken

My day job is practicing elder law and probate law. Part of that job is doing estate plans for middle-class people. The Coronavirus pandemic caused me to close my law office. I closed the estate planning part of my practice because I couldn’t meet with clients and couldn’t bring together the people necessary to have documents witnessed and notarized. Yet, some people really need to have a will done.

I have used Google docs to put together an automated system that will generate an Oregon will for those in need who cannot get to a lawyer or collect the witnesses needed for an estate plan. This will has clauses specifically identifying the COVID-19 emergency and it relies on laws specific to Oregon. It is a temporary fix and is not an all-purpose estate plan. It is offered to those who need a temporary estate plan until the pandemic is over.

Fill out the form below. Your answers will generate a will that will be sent to your email address as a .pdf file. I will look at it briefly. I will not give a consultation or customize the will for you. There is no charge, and I will do this as long as I can or until I get in trouble for doing it.

When you receive your will, carefully follow the directions that accompany it, and, when the pandemic is over, make an appointment with a lawyer to to get a permanent replacement.

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Orrin Onken